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Programming Re-Schedule
Posted On: 08 Jan 2016 by Conor Purcell


Due to circumstances way beyond our control, the episode of Antiques Road Trip featuring ourselves has been re-scheduled and will be broadcast on BBC1, Monday, the 25th of January at 4.30pm. A special thanks to Thomas Plant, Christina Trevanion and the entire Antiques Road Trip film crew who were with us at our August sale. Both Thomas and Christina were an absolute pleasure to deal with and film crew really made the whole process very simple and in-obtrusive. We would of course love to see them all back here in Birr some day in the future. Of course we can't forget our true and loyal customers who were with us on the day of filming and some of whom have in fact been with us for the last 45 years or so. Happy New Year to all our customers and just a quick reminder that our 2016 Auction Season kicks off on January 20th - more details to follow