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Property Sales & Lettings

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Traditionally, property sales and lettings have been the backbone of Purcell Auctioneers but post Celtic Tiger the property market has been in the doldrums and now that there are signs of recovery and activity, we are determined to grow our market share considerably. We are offering very competitive selling/letting rates, website exposure on, colour brochures, appropriate signage, window display, facebook & twitter presence and a growing database of potential buyers/tenants to your clients. Aside from creating a focused marketing strategy, we offer professionalism, efficiency, experience and discretion in all cases.

There is no doubt that the level of transactions has increased and there are buyers with finance in place waiting for fresh properties to come to the market.

In recent years it has also become increasingly important for associations, institutions, clubs, church bodies, those acting in matters of estate dispute/division and for executors of wills to be seen to act in a wholly open and transparent manner in all matters, most especially when disposing of property. We have found a growing trend of properties being offered to a number of auctioneers/estate agents on a tender basis. The decision on which agent to choose is not simply based on cost but overall marketing strategy - as typified by Purcell Auctioneers being appointed as the sole selling agents for the sale of the Teagasc offices in Birr. We would actively support this trend and suggest that it may become common practice for such groups.

On the flip side private/secret sales have always been in existence in the market place and post Celtic Tiger they seem to be coming to the fore again and this is something that seems to appeal to a growing number of clients who might see it as a suitable and discreet means of disposing of property.

Property Purchasing

In recent years Purcell Auctioneers have developed a very strong client base and actively seek out suitable commercial/residential properties for investors and also charitable organisations. We make every effort to find potential properties, each property is viewed personally by us, comparable properties/prices will be provided and all negotiations are conducted with full transparency and full approval of our clients.

Property Sales & Lettings

We have been on the panel of valuers for PTSB for many years but also conduct valuations for Ulster Bank, AIB, Bank of Ireland and Tridos Bank.

We have contributed to rent review arbitrations and also have no difficulty attending court proceedings on your clients behalf. Each and every valuation is prepared on the basis that we would be able to stand over every statement in our valuation reports.

We would always be very keen to develop this aspect of our business and we would guarantee a professional, efficient and discreet service for all our clients.